Zac Endter

About Me I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in 1994. For more than half of the years that followed, I have pursued photography, albeit without a formal education. Instead, I studied history and political theory, which deeply inform my work. Photography and film help to aestheticize an alienated present and thus accommodate us to it. My practice tries to fight against this from within the limits of the medium. I have adopted a detached, flat, black-and-white aesthetic. I am trying to exaggerate the features of documentary photography until they produce something foreign. Here are photos of windows. There is very little artifice. They are not abstract. They are monochrome, like newsprint. But they the surreal creeps in. By taking photographs that are simultaneously mundane and surreal – or oscillate between the two – I hope to expose subconscious feelings of alienation.
Exhibitions 2017 UrbanPhotoFest. Tate Britain. London, England. London Group Open. Cello Factory. London, England. Ten X Ten, Midwest Center for Photography. Wichita, USA. 2018 United. Gologorski Gallery. Kraków, Poland. Objectified. CICA Museum. Hagun-Ri, South Korea.