Angela Mastropierro

Born in Molfetta (BA) in 1976, I attended the Academy of fine Arts of Bologna, and graduated in 2001, in Sculpture Afterwords I lived some years in England and some in Spain and i took contact with artistical and cultural environments. In these years I worked on sculpute and drawing in various tecniques. I took part in different exibithions in Italy and abroad, and i also teach in drawings and sculpture courses, with adults, children and disableds. In 2010 I also organized a collective Exibithion and in 2012 and 2013 two artistic Festivals in Vallombrosa, Tuscany. My operating goes toward inquiring human aspects, abuot the inner world: vital strenght emerges and it takes feminin shapes,childish figures and multiform natural elements. It is nourished by suggestions and iconographic elements coming from different cultural and geographic context.. My research comes from a real need ok knowledge and the necessity to share it. Website