Evgeniya Erokhina

About me ... I was born and worked in Moscow. In 2008 I graduated from the Moscow State University named after M.A. Sholokhov on the history. Then I got carried away with design. Once I felt the need for basic art education. In 2014 I graduated from painting courses at the Moscow State Academic School in memory of 1905. Since 2015, I continued her studies at the School of Painting and Graphics at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute Surikov. However, I can not say that I am a professional artist, but just a very interested amateur lover :))) in constant creative search! I take part in various exhibitions, projects and competitions. Now I work as a textile artist, I create drawings for children's bed linen. And I'm glad that I can bring joy to the children with my work :) I find inspiration to work in everything that surrounds us every day: people, random objects, the noise of the city and its smells. In my paintings, I try to be as sensual and open as possible, show my emotions, and pass them on to the audience. http://dotart.info/ru/artdjen artdjen@yandex.ru