Evgeny Yakovlev

The desire to change my life. It arises from some vague events, sensations, thoughts. - growing into a tangible, almost physical presence within you. It fills the whole space around, makes breathing difficult, fetters motion, deafens, slows down the flow of time. You approach the line, before which only two answers are possible: - "Yes" or "No". Frightened. "No" - and you step aside. Then it does not matter whether you want it or not, it's over. You're calm. "Yes" - and you step forward. You are shaking, shaking, knocking down, but you get up and go on. It's a delight.
           Uncertainty, uncertainty? - YES.
             Are you going yourself, or are you someone, or is something leading? Nobody knows and does not say. Any options are possible. The world is painted in colors, unexpected for you. There are the most unpredictable combinations of shapes and lines.
             Coordinate systems and rules - None.
              But this is not a movement in the void, in the dark. You're in the light. You see not the paths, but some points. And how you spend the lines between them, forming your space, depends on you. At first it will be shaky and unstable. But by studying it, you will receive not only new questions, but also tools for their solution. You will learn how to live in it.
              Of course, that the previous experience can not go anywhere and it affects the construction of this new one. He enriches. A child, confronted with something unknown, takes it as a matter of course. The older we are, the more stunning these meetings are, falling out of the old coordinate system. And the more unexpected their consequences. The stronger the emotional background. The theory of relativity in action.
              A young, fresh, brightly colored world. And you are standing in front of him. Go on. Go beyond your ideas, your experience. Create your systems, open your horizons.
I dreamed of designing houses and cities, and then it turned out that I started designing the whole world. - without borders, and without limitations, with its laws, and its philosophy. A world that I do not know at all, but the more interesting it is to dive into it and recognize it. Moreover, this is my world and it's up to me to decide what it should be like.
I began.