Ciro Di Fiore - Daniel

Preface The fashion goes in the art and in the music, and in every creative and cultural spheres and in every sector, but it is not the usual meeting between these types of creativity with contaminations neither an exchange between them and nor a simple combination. Daniel objective is to give in every sphere and community of the art and in other cultural and social contests the clothing and the accessories in their technicality and not with simples shows or catwalks of a few minutes or a few hours. He wants to change the spaces of a gallery or of a cultural association or a fair, not to push the user of the work to make only some comparisons but to allow him to enter through fashion all sectors and linking them to it, and to create a synergy so as to root such profound not only in the society but in every aspect of the social context. For this he wishes to make his artistic/stylistic works enjoible without more time and space, from the fashion designers to the artists, from gallery owner to the modelers, from the curators and art critics to the experts of fashion and from the creative to the graphic designers, from the musicians to the poets and to the writers and to all experts of other creative and cultural spheres and of all sectors, from the lovers of fashion and the art to the ordinary observers. Work: << High- Tech su Misura >> The stylistic job of Ciro Di Fiore is inserted in this work built in three-dimensional way and it is of a kind hyper-realist, but innovative, thanks to his principal characteristic that is the high technology both in it realization and for the materials used. The same is in fashion when the articles are realized in fact they are designed as those in this context. This definition “tailor-made” of the tilte is important because it is expressly in reference to fashion and the terms used for the creation of the articles of clothing and of the accessories. This high technology that accompanies the man from the present and it launch him in the future but with an absolute respect of the nature and the health of the planet, and this is represented by this flower to the center of this celestial sphere that we call "Earth." Technique Description High-Tech su Misura: dimensions: h. cm. 70 X cm 50 – Technic: mixed/collage - Materials: construction board, pantons, ink pen, plastic with kaleidoscope effect, sticker glittery, velvety material – Support: Frame a jour without plexiglass – Concept: Technological, Nature, Fashion – Year: 2016 – Price: 170 euro This work is of the Collection "Fashion Art" of the Group n. 3 both in the Group n. 1 dedicated to Life and in the Group n. 3 that is for the Nature. Support: the work don’t miss the frame because it was formerly very elegant and bright ( without plexiglass since the plastic coated surface of the work serves as enlargement lens of the image. So it is far from the base and applied on two sides, one upper and the other lower, for an kaleidoscope effect thanks to the particular manufactoring of this plastic and this type of structure).