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How to win an art contest

There is certainly no easy answer to this question. However there are some guidelines to be observed in order to become successful. First of all have a look on the open calls of the moment. The competitions defer concerning the kind of art... →Read more

Posted on Dic 14, 2017

Bajo el oro /Under gold- Artist IA ESCUDE


Bajo esa capa de lujo y oro que todos tenemos... La que enseñamos a quien no deseamos mostrar nuestras vulnerabilidades... Existe un mundo lleno de vacíos, de piedras y de paseos en soledad Under that layer of luxury and gold that we have... →Read more

Posted on Nov 16, 2017


Today nearly everybody is present on social networks and artists try to make them visible through Facebook, Instagram, etc.. Those networks are offering great possibilities for all commercial users and many artists are present to show... →Read more

Posted on Set 17, 2017

Nuevo Blog Fomenar

Este espacio está dedicado a vuestra opinion y a veces también a nuestra opinion. Pensamos que es interesante comunicar con artistas, llegar a conocer sus ideas y sus preocupaciones y quizás también sus exitos. Pues contadnos vuestras... →Read more

Posted on Lug 5, 2017

New Fomenar Blog

This space is dedicated to your opinion and sometimes to our opinion, too. We think it is good to interact with artists, to know their needs and their worries, and maybe also their success. So please tell us, →Read more

Posted on Lug 3, 2017