• Posted on: 17 September 2017
  • By: rainer

Today nearly everybody is present on social networks and artists try to make them visible through Facebook, Instagram, etc.. Those networks are offering great possibilities for all commercial users and many artists are present to show their art to the biggest possible audience. Our experience however shows us that not all those possibilities are widely used. Are artists egoists? We usually share and like all postings of good artwork, but we usually cannot verify that those shares are shared again by other artists, who only dedicate themselves to widespread their own works. This is maybe quite understandable, but just immagine every artist and friends would share and like what he/she really likes from fellow-artists. The result would multiply by thousands. There is no mutual support, which we think is a pitty. One of the aims of this page is precisely to make artists visible to the public. So please like and share us as much as possible! Thank you!

Rainer Mauerer

We will start a test today and post this blog on Facebook. We will see how often it will be shared.