Jury Fomenar Prize 2017

Rainer Mauerer

Foto Rainer Mauerer

Rainer Mauerer German — born in Munich (Germany).

He studied journalism and Spanish philology.
He is a partner of a Consulting Company in Moraira (Alicante) — Spain and he dedicates himself to the art of photography since 2007 having shown his works at numerous expositions in many countries.
Rainer Mauerer is the president of the cultural association Fomenar and he is one of the initiators of the Fomenar Prize.

Gabriele Voglgsang

foto Gabriele Voglgsang

Gabriele Voglgsang German — Born in Bavaria (Germany).

She studied Fine Arts in Munich (Germany). She dedicates herself since very young to the art genres of the collage and the assemblage.
Winner and finalist of several art competitions. Since 1992 her works are shown worldwide in numerous expositions. She is a partner of a Consulting Company in Moraira (Alicante) and one of the initiators of the Fomenar Prize.

Fiorenza Canestrari

Foto Fiorenza Canestrari

Fiorenza Canestrari (Verona – Italy) is a well known artist and curator.

She develops her talent very early in live being a scholar of the renewed woman painter Ebe Poli, distinguishing her in drawing and painting. She graduates in German language and literature.
From the 1980s she decides to develop her deep interest in ceramics. Fiorenza Canestrari has exhibited in plenty of solo and group events, both in Italy and abroad. Since 2008 she is running the online artists-platform Apertoarte.com.

Monica Ferrarini

Foto Monika Ferrarini

Monica Ferrarini is Italian

She studied modern literature at the University of Pisa, she has a master degree in Company Communication and Public Relation of the European Institute of Communication I.E.D. in Rome and a master degree in Orientation and Training in Milan. She is a founder and Vice-President of the Cultural Association and Art Gallery Artime arte contemporanea.
Since 2012 she is working as curator and independent art critic, organizing countless institutional and private events and writing critical texts for catalogues for expositions of contemporary art. She lives and works in Rome.

DI Hans-Peter Zobl

Foto Hans-Peter Zobl

Hans-Peter Zobl is Austrian — born in 1982 in Tyrol.

Since 2003 the centre of his activities is Munich in Germany with close connections to Vienna. Although he showed a pronounced interest for the world of art and culture since very young, he decided to start a technical career.
After few years however, his new orientation took place. He graduated as an engineer in electro techniques at the Technical University in Munich. Simultaneously he analyzed the market of art and the gallery-business. He has a wide experience in the subtleties of the art-business through organizing and participation in countless cultural events, expositions, art-fairs, co operations and projects with numerous artists.
In Vienna there is already the second Stilgalerie open to the public.

Rich Smukler

Foto Rich Smukler


Rich Smukler is an award winning fine art and travel photographer located in Boca Raton, Florida. Rich Smukler has blended his life-long passion for art and photography. His works have been featured in numerous museums, galleries and private collections internationally. While his cutting edge passion for graphic design has earned him accolades and awards for innovative style, his genre as a fine art photographer encompasses photo-realism to abstract graphic design.
A love of Tuscany has taken him back to bella Italia on many occasions, camera in tow, in search of yet another perfect moment. Rich Smukler is the winner of the Fomenar Prize 2016.