Eugenia Shchukina

Eugenia Shchukina, Moscow, Russia. 
 I started my artist career at young age, but get educated only at the end of the school. During university period I’ve inspired by human portraits, trying to imprint energy and soul onto the canvas. That became my favorite thing which I still lovely do for the last 10 years. 
Now i’m experimenting with different colors and techniques. The most portraits are made with pastel on the paper and are on private collections around Russian Federation and other countries. 
 I usually draw people who have eyes closed. That’s a moment of pure feeling concentration. Each human have unique energy, which I aim to bring into my art and show it to the world. The feel of love is the main sense of my creation and life, that’s my inspiration and endless fuel engine. Working with heart and soul creates an infinite beauty. That’s the art.