Andrii Chenko

AUTOBIOGRAPHY Chenko Andrii Bogdanovich, born on 14th of December 1994, in the suburbs of Mizihgirya, a town in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine [add.1]. 2009 - Graduated from Mizhhirska Secondary School No.1, I-III. (moved between two schools during study); 2012 - Graduated from Mizhhirsky Professional Lyceum, Faculty of Decorative Wood Carving; 2016 - Graduated from the Transcarpathian Artistic Institute (ZHI) (today Zakarpattya Academy of Arts) [add.2], where he obtained a bachelor's degree specialising in design. EXHIBITION AND PLEIN: 2013 - Exhibition in the Art Gallery of Mukachevo, "Creativity of the Youth" [add.3]; 2014 - Exhibition in the Art Gallery of Mukachevo, "Creativity of the Youth"; 2014 - Exhibition in Sant-Miklosh Castle, Chinadiyivo, "Youth Exhibition"; 2014 - Charity exhibition in the Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute named after Ferens - Rakoce the Second; 2015 - Exhibition in Sant-Miklosh Castle, Chinadiyivo, "Exhibition №1" [add.4]; 2015 - Participation in the auction in support of sick children [add.5]; 2015 - Participation in the "The A.Erdeli First All-Ukrainian Olympiad in the Painting" [add.6]; 2015 - Participation in the international exhibition-competition "Miniature" in Sant-Miklosh Castle, Chinadiyvo; 2016-2017 - Period of self-examination and self-improvement; 2017-∞ - Preparation to take the big stage. Current location: Czech Republic, Plzen St., Vrhlitskogo, d. 2 Reflections on art: The contemporary artist develops the ability to perceive and articulate what others are not able to formulate. After the artist has expressed an idea, other people can also then use this idea. It is how our world is developing. In a sense, artists, together with other scientists, philosophers and spiritual leaders, can be called pioneers. Dream: To improve the world, somehow. The vital credo: "To create, To love and To create again". 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.